Tips + Tricks

Need more great uses for B.F.F. Care? These ideas will make you wag with joy!

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On the Carpet: Remove Cat Urine Odor

Don't throw your carpet away! No Limit can tackle it! Simple follow these simple steps:
  1. Absorb as much urine as you can: Immediately place a thick layer of paper towels onto area, then use your foot to set on area and transfer urine from your carpet to the paper towels. If you are unable to hold in place for a few minutes, place a heavy book on top of the paper towels, then address later.
  2. Once you have absorbed as much as possible, saturate the area with No Limit. If it's a thick, dense carpet, apply heavily! You want the product to penetrate to every place the urine did! Faciliate this by raking No Limit into carpet fibers with a gloved hand.
  3. Stay off of it and let it dry!
  4. Once dry, if any smell remains, then the application didn't quite get to all areas saturated with urine. Repeat on remaining offensive areas, keeping in mind that No Limit must have direct contact with odor molecules to stop the smell.

In the Laundry: Rescue

You can use a little or a lot, depending on the severity of odors. After adding regular detergent, pour a capful to a cup directly into your washing machine soap dispenser, or into the wash tub.

Rescue works on ALL bad odors that cling to fabrics. Some of our customers recommend using it to fight these nasty smells:
  • Smelly biking clothes
  • Dog bed covers
  • Cloth baby diapers
  • Dog/utility/shop towels
  • Camping/backpacking gear
  • Hunting clothes

In the Air: No Limit

No Limit needs to have direct contact with the odors in order to be effective, so be sure that you spray/mist the area thoroughly and allow to dry. You can even use it as a general air deodorizer by simply spraying toward the odors, up and away from eyes.

Other household uses:
  • Dog kennels
  • Stinky garbage cans
  • Nasty beer coolers
  • Running/athletic shoes
  • Bathroom/toilet
  • Moldy/musty areas
  • Campers/tents

On the Spot: Spot Remover

Mystery stain? No problem! Spray Spot Remover directly onto the spot or stain, making sure to thoroughly saturate the area. It's best to expand the spray radius beyond the actual spot. Blot inward with a clean, damp cloth and allow to air dry.

On Your Pets

What? Use it on my pets, are you crazy? We're not crazy--you can! B.F.F. Care products are so gentle you can actually use them right on your pet's coat. Just make sure you do it in the bath:
  1. Wash with regular pet shampoo and rinse
  2. No Limit: Spray evenly over animal, avoiding eyes and gently work through with hands or a brush
  3. Rescue: Pour small amount over animal and work through coat with hands or a brush
  4. Rinse thoroughly and dry!

In the Litterbox

Mist No Limit evenly over your cat's litter (clean or dirty), making sure the spray comes in direct contact with the gravel. Then simply rake the litter thoroughly to ensure even coverage and voila! It's like a clean litterbox!