Just what makes this stuff so great?

It's Naturally Better. Mother Nature usually knows best, and we're trying to follow her example. B.F.F. Care products use a blend of 100% natural and renewable materials (such as a canola oil derivative) and biodegradable stain absorbers that bind to stains and odors, and literally pull them away from surfaces. This naturally-occurring process is what makes our products so effective.

Why isn’t there a fragrance in your products?

B.F.F. products are formulated without the addition of fragrances for three main reasons:

Wild About Being Mild

Because we use natural and purified ingredients, B.F.F. Care formulas are all nontoxic and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive people and pets. And we're doing our part to be kind to Mother Earth, too, by using fully recyclable containers made from 100% post-consumer plastic.

How long will B.F.F. Care keep the odors away?

Forever! Once the product has come in contact with the odor molecules, they will be permanently altered and encapsulated - rendering the odor odorless. All you need to do is, make sure No Limit, Spot Remover or Rescue come in contact with the source of the odor. Oh, and make sure your furry friend doesn’t re-deposit more odor source ... If he does, just treat the new odors! Read the Buzz!

How does No Limit compare to enzyme or bacteria containing products?

Enzyme/bacteria solutions are OK. However, bacteria are not powerful or fast enough to do the job most odors demand. Once the bacterial solution has dried, the bacteria is dead or has become dormant. Lengthy, multiple reapplications are usually necessary, which increase concern for possible mildew growth.

Do your products disinfect?

No. B.F.F. Care products do not contain a Bactericide, Fungicide, Disinfectant or Sanitizer. B.F.F. Care eliminates foul odors caused by organisms, but not the organisms themselves.

Does B.F.F. Care kill germs?

They do not. B.F.F. Care products do not contain a disinfectant or sanitizer, however, they are very effective in Health Care Facilities that suffer from biowaste and body odors, such as Assisted Living Facilities. Great on mattresses, too. Read the Buzz!

Will No Limit kill fleas or ticks?

No, but it will deodorize them. ;)

Does No Limit work on smelly fish or rotten food odors?

Yes. It is even used in smelly Seafood and Uni Factories, and in garbage chutes, dumpsters and landfills. Read the Buzz!

Does B.F.F. Care work on smoke odors?

Yes! No Limit and Rescue both work on all types of smoke odor–cigar, cigarette, burnt toast–all the way to extensive smoke odors from fire damage. Read the Buzz!

When I use No Limit on carpet or furniture, will it leave a residue?

No Limit contains specialized ingredients that will impart anti-resoiling and anti-static properties to keep your home cleaner, longer. It actually encapsulates soil that will be removed during the next vacuuming.

Can No Limit be used on Leather?

Leather is a cruel mistress. You can use it–CAREFULLY! Email us, so we can talk about your specific case.

Can I use No Limit outside on dirt or concrete patios?

Yes, you can! We have had many customers tell us of their success on kennel cement and in crawl spaces beneath homes. Read the Buzz!

Can I use No Limit in the washing machine?

Yes, you can! However, we recommend you use B.F.F. Rescue because it is specifically developed to use in the washing machine. It is more concentrated than No Limit and has cleaning agents that not only assist in releasing odors more effectively, but also boost your regular detergent's overall performance! Read the Buzz!