Kit + Bud

Not so long ago, Kit and Bud were not the happy pets you see before you.
They were causing A LOT of bad odors in their home.

Bud, being a young pup, occasionally waits too long to tell his Owners he needs to go outside. Before he knows it–whoops!

Kit has lived in the home a lot longer than Bud and knows better, but she has been a little under the weather lately. Her tired bones make it a daunting chore to get to her litter box on time, every time.

Then, there was the morning Kit and Bud ran into Tails, the lonely neighborhood skunk. Wow! Everything stank! They thought they were done for! They were sure they were going to have to move outside or worse: somewhere else. As horrible as it might seem, these thoughts had definitely crossed their Owners’ minds. They'd had enough!

In the past, the Owners had tried so many odor control products that failed to work. They were about to give up. Until ...

One bright sunny day, the Owners came across a new product–No Limit. They decided to try it - hoping for a miracle, but ready for disappointment. Bud’s accident–it worked. Kit’s unhappy tummy ache–IT WORKED. Another visit from Tails–IT WORKED!!!! This was the Solution everyone had been looking for!!! It was fast-acting, easy-to-use and worked on everything foul smelling! It was Limitless!

No longer are Kit and Bud in fear of their occasional accidents and escapades. Thanks to No Limit, the whole family lives happily in a foul-odor-free zone.