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Actual user testimonials. (Names have been omitted to protect the smelly!)

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No Limit®

Fishy Business

"We were working in the garden last weekend, putting fish fertilizer in the soil. With us preoccupied, the dogs decided to have a snack and drug an entire bag of the fish stuff into our living room, all over the rug! Even after steam cleaning, the smell was still really bad through the whole house. I sprayed No Limit on the rug and through the house and it was GONE. This is an amazing product! I'm a believer!"

Wood Floor Whoops!

"Aki had a baaadd poop accident on our wood floors while home alone. Our whole house smelled! Made me gag it was soooo bad. I sprayed No Limit directly onto poop so I could get close enough to wipe up. Once the "bulk" was removed, I sprayed No Limit onto the wood floor and let it sit for about 30 seconds and then wiped it up. Odor totally gone!!!"

Litterbox Launder

"I have two cats and none of the deodorant litters ever seemed to cover the smell. So before cleaning the box, I spray No Limit right on the clumping litter and it mixes as I clean it. It totally removes the smell. I don't notice anything now."

Bad Dogs on the Porch

"I applied your No Limit on our cement porch, where our dogs spend the majority of their time. We were amazed how it eliminated all of the urine smell. However, I'm mainly writing you to tell you that it kept working for several weeks afterward, without having to apply more. Awesome product!"

Dog + Sneaky Skunk!

“My dog was sprayed by a skunk, then ran into our house. The smell was everywhere. We washed the walls with No Limit and sprayed it on the carpet, furniture and drapes. There is no skunk odor left.”

One Sick Kitty

“My cat threw up her food on my carpet. After cleaning it there was still a foul odor. Your No Limit removed all the odor and seemed to get rid of the spot that was left after my cleaning.”

B.F.F. Spot Remover

The Case of the Mysterious Spot

"My dog left a large 'mystery stain' right in the middle of our wool rug. I tried the B.F.F. Spot Remover and could tell it was working right away. After 24 hours, the spot was dry and the stain was gone, along with the nasty smell. This stuff really works!"

Golen Odie Stains

"Our family room rug had seen better days and had lots of old spots from pets and kids. Before throwing it out, I tried Spot Remover on a few of the larger stains and was surprised that it really worked! In fact, the areas where I sprayed it actually look cleaner each time I vacuum! It's pretty impressive."

B.F.F. Rescue

Cow Pie Caper

"On a recent camping trip to the mountains, our dog immediately found a GIANT cow pie and rolled all over it! We wiped him off with towels, but the stink was still all over our sleeping bags and blankets. I figured we'd have to just throw everything away, but I decided to give your B.F.F. Rescue a go, and was amazed: it WORKED in the first wash! The nasty smells were gone! Now I use it on EVERYTHING!"

Stinky Boarding Beds

"When I pick my dogs up from boarding at the kennel, their beds seem to smell like hot, dirty dogs. The smell only partially goes away after washing in machine. But, if I add B.F.F. Rescue to the tub, they smell like brand new beds!"