B.F.F. Spot Remover

B.F.F. Spot Remover
B.F.F. Spot Remover B.F.F. Spot Remover B.F.F. Spot Remover
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User safe. Pet safe. Biodegradable. Nontoxic.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

When you  have pets, life can get messy. Even the most well-behaved, loving pets have been known to piddle in the wrong area a time or two. They were puppies and kittens once. And now your gentle, senior pet has a hard time making it to the litterbox or out the back door in time.

The Struggles of Stains

You've tried, but simply can't get rid of the stains and odors your Best Furry Friend left on your favorite chair or that new, what-were-you-thinking-getting-white carpet. BFF Spot Remover with No Limit® dissolves, encapsulates and deodorizes spots resulting from urine, feces, vomit, blood and any other nastiness your pet may create. And it removes the shameful evidence without leaving any icky residue, so spots and odors don't come back.

People, Animal, Planet & Couch Safe

B.F.F. Spot Remover is completely user safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, and the fragrance-free formula makes it an ideal solution for sensitive people. Fragrances and dyes leave sticky residues that actually attract dirt and more odors! So we don’t add them. It is safe to use on carpets, water-safe upholstery, drapes, linens, mattresses and clothing. It can even be used in the washing machine! We promise to conquer even your toughest stains–or your money back.

Available in Pint (16 oz) or Gallon (128 oz) sizes.

  1. Always test in an inconspicuous area before use. Clear any debris. Apply directly to spot, extending well past edge. Blot inward from the edge.
  2. Rinse or blot with a clean, damp cloth. Mist No Limit after and allow to dry thoroughly. Vacuum or dust with a dry cloth if necessary.